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Peter McKinnon : Pick Whip
Jaydev Raol : An easy to understand tutorial taught by a funny teacher who understands how overwhelming it can be someone getting into this for the first and does a great job at explaining at simply as possible. Thanks a lot for this Peter!
Jaydev Raol : 3:09 - That was a cool transition!
Fast G : coool
Abul Khayer : Anyone watching in 0.75x speed????
Mohammed Rifath : This video is very helpful. However, after the flicker is removed if I apply any LUT, it again starts flickering. Can anyone help me with this, Please.
Óûth Mânē : Is Null Object the same idea as Adjustment Layer in Premier pro?
Ahmad JK : So matthew mcconaughey is a part time vfx artist?
Ahmad Alnammourah : My English is bad. But thank u man i understood every thing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
film666fan : The info is good but I can't stand his antics, he's not funny. I had to turn him off after awhile.

Top 20 Best Effects in After Effects

There are hundreds of amazing effects within After Effects. To help simplify which effects you should look at, this is my top 20 best effects list. Of course, this list is my opinion and I build this top 20 list based on how often I use these effects. Please comment below which effects are missed out on this list!

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Force Motion Blur
0:58 Fill
1:13 Motion Tile
1:52 Vignette
2:17 Drop Shadow
2:37 3D Camera Tracker
2:59 Light Sweep
3:18 Audio Spectrum
3:38 Warp Stabilizer
4:07 Lumetri Color
4:47 Unlimited Elements
5:12 Particle World
5:39 Noise
6:08 Fractal Noise
6:36 Remove Grain
7:03 Gradient Ramp
7:24 Glow
7:47 Camera Lens Blur
8:11 Gaussian Blur
8:26 Keylight
9:01 Optics Compensation

#SonduckFilm #AfterEffects #VideoEffects
SonduckFilm : Hey everyone! This list is just my opinion based on the most common effects I use. Please let us know which effects you think should be included on this list!
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Nosferatu Zodd : bunch of bull
William Hamon : thanks for all of these man!!
Glensi Msp : 1:08 geçiş efekti
yukarıya doğru çıkan ekranlar
2:17 kesik efekti
2:57 ışık efekti
4:04 renk tonuyla oynama
Arnav Jain :

Carlos Ramirez : This is amazing, thanks for this video! Do you happen to have a tutorial about Optics Compensation?
Great content!
Maqbool Ahmed : Content good butt video Quality very poor
THe Dude : You remind me of someone... But I cant quite put my fingerinho on it : /
Unai García : Too quick for my brain :v
Swagin : cool


#after effect


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