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Evolution of Mr. Game \u0026 Watch (1980 - 2018)

The Game \u0026 Watch series is one of Nintendo's oldest lines of video games and consoles. The representative of these games, Mr. Game \u0026 Watch, made numerous appearances in many Nintendo games, including Super Smash Bros, Mario, Donkey Kong Country and WarioWare.
Let's see how Mr. Game \u0026 Watch evolved in all of his video game appearances from 1980 to 2018.
1080p 60fps gameplay by Nintendo Unity

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LeviTGKツ : 1:15 *smash ko sound*
_AntiSocialMedia : I like to imagine the Flatzone resident who got the treasure in Octopus and the Flatzone resident at the greenhouse are both the Mr. G&W that we play as in smash
The BaconHair : Don’t ask why but when I was little I used to think call Mr game and watch “Mickey Mouse”
MarioBreak20 El Calor y más : Se te olvido un juego donde tambien sale and watch en (Super smash bros for 3ds)
Jahari Scott-Wheeler : and watch.1980
2001 then 2001 again
Then 2002?ok sis
Next is 2003.
Reyna Callejas : 11:44 some really old nintendo characters
Anthony Fandel : Never mess with me. Game & watch
(Especially because he’s very old not saying he’s weak but)
treygamertv 982 : Isn’t it weird?

Mr. Game and watch is in every scene I never noticed tho.
Jaiden Drew : That's not the original version. The original version didn't have pixels
Eduardo Luevano : I swear this the most boring game back then

Mr Game and Watch is OP - Smash Bros Ultimate Montage

Mr Game and Watch is OP!!!

My very first montage. All of these clips were me playing. Most of them were in Quickplay/Elite Smash and a couple were in Battle Arenas.
LionHoib : I need this song as it's own standalone
Omar Rodriguez : 3:19 as soon as I touched a option it happened
Jonas Porter - DCMS 2025 : Shake it off, Is that you?
ᴇ : 2:02 outro
BurtBen : outro musci
Random Guy : Oh THATS where you get your outro from...

As A G&W main, I am very pleased
Kato Jenkins : The music is a mix between Taylor Swift and the Flatzone Theme lmao wtf
Chucky D : Eepik
ARTYX X : I judge this a 9
E E : 3:04
A=3 points
B=4 points
C=1 point
D= 9999999999999999999999 points

Mr. Nice Watch

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Mr. Nice Watch · J. Cole · JAY-Z

Cole World: The Sideline Story

℗ 2011 Roc Nation, LLC.

Released on: 2011-09-27

Producer: J. Cole
Composer Lyricist: Jermaine Cole
Composer Lyricist: Shawn Carter

Auto-generated by YouTube.
Aziz-ul Peyk : <3
Kamario Mckinley : Ughh, nice watch



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